AlzTimeline: Patterns in Time

Your loved one has Early or Moderate Stage Alzheimer’s. You want to prepare now, before things get intense. We’ve designed the perfect thing. AlzTimeline: Patterns in Time lets you gaze into the future to see what Alzheimer’s has in store. This colorful, print timeline helps families prepare for all the changes that follow an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

AlzTimeline: Patterns in Time is the first resource that invites you to plan for your family’s Alzheimer’s journey using a real family’s experience. This timeline tracks the impact of Alzheimer’s on one woman and her family. It reveals the choices she and her family made for her care. Most importantly, it challenges you to weigh the care choices you and your family will need to make and to get busy preparing.

  • What resources are you open to trying?
  • What can you do to avoid caregiver burnout?
  • Can out-of-town family members be involved? How?

Created in 2017 as a passion-project by the adult daughter of the featured family, award-winning AlzTimeline: Patterns in Time is now used by groups of siblings, extended family members, educators, support groups, Memory Care Centers, book clubs and spiritual caregivers.

Alzheimer's Timeline
Patterns in Time

Discussion Guide

AlzTimeline: Patterns in Time - Exploration Guide is the *FREE* conversation-starter companion to Alz Timeline: Patterns in Time. It helps you spark critical conversations about early and moderate stage Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s care, support roles and caregiver burnout.

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