The Saint Louis University Mental Status Exam (SLUMS) was developed at the Division of Geriatric Medicine, Saint Louis University School of Medicine in affiliation with the Veterans Association as a screening tool for detecting very early Alzheimer’s symptoms. SLUMS must be performed in the context of a full assessment for an Alzheimer’s diagnosis to be made.

Administered by

  • Trained Clinicians

Functions Tested

  • Cognitive abilities assess by SLUMS include:
    • Orientation
    • Short-term memory
    • Calculations
    • Naming animals
    • Clock drawing test
    • Recognition of geometric figures
    • Recall

Interpreting Results

Cognition is scored as:

  • Normal
  • Mild Neurodegenerative Disorder
  • Dementia

Scores are assessed differently for people with a high school education and those with less than a high school education.