Alzheimer's roadmap of
symptoms and stages

Your loved one shows symptoms of dementia.
What can you do?

1. Get an accurate diagnosis
2. Prepare for the future

Accept that Alzheimer’s disease cannot be controlled.

What you can control is your preparation.

Prepare to face the cognitive, behavioral and emotional changes to come.

Alzheimer’s Timeline: Patterns in Time is your guide to the Alzheimer’s stages ahead.

Alzheimer’s Timeline: Patterns in Time

Alzheimer's Timeline - Early onset Alzheimer's symptoms and stages

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

AlzTimeline: Patterns in Time is the first resource that invites you to plan for your family’s Alzheimer’s journey by comparing to a real-life family.

Wherever you are on your journey, you can look one or two years ahead to see what’s coming.

  • Which years are most eventful?
  • How can family help – even those who live out of town?
  • Can you afford for your caregiver to burn out? What can you do about it?

What Our Readers Say

Patterns in Time gave me great direction for my family’s journey with Alzheimer’s. It’s the caregiver-to-caregiver information I was looking for.

Leann, Dallas, TX

I found it very informative and will share the info with children of my friends with Parkinson’s. Lots of helpful information and well presented!! The progression of tasks transferred from the patient to the caregiver was so well illustrated. Because they happen over time, it’s easy for those of us who are friends or family at a distance to forget the huge burden the caregiver has on them. This had given me a deeper understanding and will definitely assist me in helping out friends and family who are caregivers.

L.Y., Charlotte, NC

As someone who has taken more than 2000 pages to tell part of our [Alzheimer’s] story, I congratulate Barbara Ivey (@alzbarbie) for writing a snapshot of hers in just 8 pages. Well done, my friend.

Alzheimer's Timeline - Early onset Alzheimer's symptoms and stages